House Hunting part 2

     Thank you all for the prayers and support as Joseph went on this journey!  He returned Friday afternoon, and has since been readjusting to the 8 hour time change.  Now for the answer to the big question, "Did he find something?"   He made a great connection with a broker, saw a few houses, and really set about familiarizing himself with the way of the Ugandans.  He did not commit to a particular house, however now he has leads that we can continue to discuss and decide upon. 

     As for the way of the Ugandans, the learning curve will be huge for us, but I believe with God's leading we will be able to settle in quite nicely.  I look forward to sharing all of the oddities we encounter, and I embrace the newness of it all! 

     Cell phones:  We, here in the states, love them.  We use them for almost everything we do.  We call, text, email,download, upload, sync, plan calendars, facebook, facetime, tweet, photo, video, play games, and listen to our music on them- all in a day's time.  Just hearing the difference in how to acquire and use a cell phone while in Uganda was a huge difference!    Joseph was explaining the way of the cell phone while in Uganda, and it is no where near as straight forward as our cellular Western world.  For those of you , like me, who had the old school "bag phone" as a cell phone, it was a "use only if stranded on the side of the road, because you will be paying for those minutes, and it is not cheap." billing plan.  None of this unlimited talk, text, and data for one low price of $99.95 a month, add an additional line for just $40 a month.  But even that, as archaic as ot seems now, would work if I needed it in a pinch, I had a provider plan attached to it.  In Uganda, there is no landline phone system.  The only phones are cell phones.  You buy a cell phone, then choose a company and purchase a sim card.  Insert said sim card into phone, then proceed to purchase a card from the company that has minutes loaded onto them.  Add minutes to your phone, and you are good to go.  When low purchase a new card with minutes, and load.  But wait!  Just to be safe, you should probably get a phone that has a spot for 2 sim cards, so you can buy them from 2 different companies, so if you are where one company does not have coverage, then you can manually switch to the other provider, but only if you have remembered to stock minutes from each company onto each card!  So basically, talk fast if ya gotta call someone, cause your minutes are dwindling! wink

     So many more things are going to be new, but I love that God has made all things new, and will provide wisdom and understanding as we seek Him throughout each day.  Proverbs 24:3-4 says,  "It takes wisdom to build a house, and understanding to set it on a firm foundation; It takes knowledge to furnish its rooms with fine furniture and beautiful draperies." 

     As we pray and seek God on this journey, I am amazed at the path of understanding He is giving us.  It won't be easy, comfortable, or even fun at times, but it is where we are called to be; and we commit to learning a new way.  Even as something as simple as the way of the cell phone, is a step in wisdom and understanding as we set out to find a home, set it on His firm foundation!

 Thank you for your love, support, and prayers!